University of Utah Startups: An Economic Engine for Utah

Since 1970, the University of Utah has created over 230 spin-off companies from technologies developed at the University, most of which were launched over the past ten years. Over 130 of these are still operating as either a business or as part of another company.

A March 2011 study by the Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) found that University of Utah startups have either directly or indirectly generated close to 16,000 jobs, many of which are high-paying. The BEBR also found that in 2009 alone, University of Utah spin-offs generated $754.5 million in personal income and $76.6 million in tax revenue. And, since 2011, the University's spin-offs have collectively raised over $300 million in investment funding, secured over $70 million in grants and have been involved in acquisitions totaling more than $5.7 billion.

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Use the tools under "Select Category" below to search through profiles of all of the University's active startups. To view more information about a company, click on that startup's box and an abstract containing information about that company will appear. Each abstract contains a contact individual at TVC for you to connect with should you have additional questions about a particular company.

Since 2012, over $5.7 billion has gone towards the acquisition of University of Utah startups. With the recent introduction of our Engine Search Accelerator, we anticipate these kind of liquidity events to be recurring actions in the future.

If you are interested in investing in a University of Utah spin-off currently seeking investment funding, select "Funding Round Forthcoming" under the dropdown menu "Filter by Funding Round". This will bring up a list of those startups currently raising investment funds. From this list, click on the name of each startup to view more information about that company. Contact the name listed under the startup for more information about how to invest in them.

If you would like to get more information about a startup than what is listed in its abstract, we invite you to either visit the company's webpage or connect with the TVC contact listed under that startup's profile

Over 30 of the University of Utah's spin-off companies have been acquired by outside companies. International businesses such as Merck, Shire, Xerox, Raytheon, Teva Pharmaceuticals, nVidia, Rockwell Collins, Allergan, Schlumberger and BioMérieux have each acquired University of Utah startups. To view those startups that have been acquired, choose the options under the "Filter by Acquisition Status" dropdown menu.

Since 2012, University of Utah startups have raised over $200 million in combined investment funding and received over $70 million in grants.

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